What is “gourmet coffee”?

Gourmet coffee is exceptionally flavorful, aromatic and gratifying to the taste. Basically, there are two categories of coffee, Arabica and Robusta. While Robusta tends to be a hardier tree and is more widely grown and distributed, it is less pleasing to the discerning palate. Almost all gourmet coffee is a type of Arabica.

Wings of The Morning uses a Guatemalan Arabica variety of coffee that thrives in the upland Kona conditions.

Why is Kona famous for quality coffee?

 Kona offers high elevation, well-drained volcanic soil, partially-cloudy days, cool tropical temperatures, minimal wind and plentiful rains. With these ideal conditions, the slopes of Kona, on the Island of Hawai’i are a well-known gourmet coffee growing area.

What makes Wings of the Morning so Outstanding?

Wings of the Morning coffee has a rich full-bodied flavor that starts bold and finishes smooth. It sets itself apart by its lack of bitter or sour notes. It starts with our location, type of coffee grown, favorable climate and close attention to every detail of growing, harvesting, processing and roasting.

How do I keep my gourmet coffee fresh?

The best of coffees eventually go stale and will be less pleasing to drink.

How long will it stay fresh?

A well-packed coffee can stay fresh for several months if not exposed to air, moisture and light. Ka’io Farms does not hold an inventory of roasted and packed Wings of the Morning coffee. We roast in small batches and mail freshly roasted coffee directly to our customers.

Why do we use opaque bags?

Oxygen, moisture and light are the main factors that contribute to stale coffee. Coffee beans exposed to light and air are going to oxygenate and deteriorate quickly. Wings of the Morning coffee uses opaque bags to safeguard the freshness, whilst the one-way valve seals out the oxygen.

Ground versus Whole bean?

We do not sell ground coffee in our online shop. Whole beans stay fresh longer and freshly ground coffee tastes better. If you would like to order ground coffee from us, please call us directly. (INSERT PHONE #)

How much do I grind my coffee?

Just prior to brewing, grind the coffee as you need it, and grind it well. If it looks uneven and has larger chunks, then grind it some more. The coffee should be evenly ground.

What’s the secret to brewing delicious coffee? 

Start with good water. Unless you have a good filtering system, do not use chlorine-treated tap water. Drink coffee soon after brewing it. Coffee kept warm on a burner or heat disc loses some flavor after fifteen minutes or so. Gourmet coffee is enjoyable whether it is dripped or percolated, but a French press or a cold-water brewing process can make it even better. Experiment and enjoy!