Aloha and welcome to the Homepage for Ka `Io Farms and WINGS OF THE MORNING 100% pure Kona coffee.  If you are already familiar with our product and would like to order, please click here to order.

If you are not familiar with WINGS OF THE MORNING, please let us introduce Ka `Io Farms and our coffee to you.  As you will find out by reading further, Ka `Io Farms is a small specialty coffee business operated on one of our several coffee farms in the Kona District of the Island of Hawaii.  Our coffee is handpicked and pesticide free.  It comes in 12 oz. foil packs.  It is roasted medium dark and packed whole bean, unless you order ground coffee by phone, fax or e-mail.

O U R   C O F F E E  -  K A ‘ I O   F A R M S 
The production of Kona coffee is very labor-intensive.  The steep and rocky terrain of Kona does not lend itself well to mechanical cultivation or harvesting, so almost all the work is done by hand.  Handpicking of the fully mature coffee is much more selective than machine picking, and results in a very pure and high quality gourmet Kona coffee product. With its full body, distinctive taste, and low acidity, Kona coffee has been recognized for its excellence throughout the world.
O U R    C O M P A N Y
Ka ‘Io Farms found itself in possession of one of the old-fashioned Japanese coffee farms in Kona in 1990.  Since that time we have consistently sought to give our customers one of the best tasting Kona Coffees produced today. 
C O F F E E   O R D E R S 
WINGS OF THE MORNING 100% Pure Kona Coffee comes in 12-ounce foil packs enclosed in attractive coin-cloth bags.  You may order WINGS without the cloth bag and save $1.00 per pack. Please click here to order.
E X P L O R E    C O F F E E    F A C T S
What is gourmet coffee and how is it best processed from farm to cup?

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